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wIMG Premium Service

No watermarks!
Priority in the queue!

wIMG uses the visitor's browser "HTTP referrer" to determine if a small semi-translucent "wimg.ca" signature should be shown in the corner of a webshot or not. If the referrer is a domain registered to the wIMG Premium Service or is blank the signature will be omitted, otherwise it will be present.

Also wIMG will give priority in the queue to requests where the HTTP referrer is from a registered domain.

Use the form below to register your domain to the wIMG Premium Service.

Free wIMG
  wIMG Premium Service

Regsiter your domain for the wIMG Premium Service:

Single Domain
6 months for 5.99$
12 months for 9.99$
24 months for 14.99$
Domain with infinite Subdomains
6 months for 7.99$
12 months for 11.99$
24 months for 16.99$
top domain:
primary domain:

please retype this number in the box next to it:

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*All prices are in Canadian Dollars.
*All payments processed by Paypal. Paypal account not required to pay with a credit card.
*Payments can be made with Paypal account balance, e-Check or any major Credit Card.
*wIMG may suspend a wIMG Premium Service subscription in any case of abuse, hack or exploit.
*Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!!!